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AgroSpace founded in 2007, it is now a multi-sector trading company, with 100% capital owned by Dovydas Paciukonis.

Dovydas Paciukonis Agrospace, specializes in export agricultural-forestry produces, seafood, handicraft; import materials, means of transportation, machinery, consumer's goods and manufacture goods for export from 1993. We established relation with over 25 countries world-wide.

Our main activities: import, wholesale and export. We are working with reliablesuppliers from all over the world which are giving for us opportunities to ensure a high quality services and products and stable supply.

Buying Leads


  • Pistachio Fandoghi 30/32 (mechanical open) 24 Tones (CNF RIGA)
  • Black pepper 500g/l FAQ packages 10kg Cans (CNF RIGA)
  • Black pepper 500g/l Clean 20 Tones (CNF RIGA)
  • Black pepper skin FAQ 15 Tones (CNF RIGA)
  • Black pepper skin Clean 15 Tones (CNF RIGA)
  • Black pepper spent 15 Tones (CNF RIGA)
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